Monday, 4 July 2016

African Jigsaw at the Cornerstone

This was clearly an amazing event.  Congratulations to all the children and staff for their hard work and commitment.

I would love to have some comments on this post as I was not able to be there to see the final performance but have been enjoying the ad hoc rehearsals organised by the soloists themselves.


  1. The children were absolutely amazing. I was completely blown away by the soloists, but each and every one of the choir and the percussion group have done themselves, their parents and Team Cholsey very proud. It was a truly lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
    Fantastic job Mrs Parr, Miss Atkins and Mr Barlow.

  2. We loved it. Far exceeded expectations, and they were already high as we have such a great music team at Cholsey, and as my father in law put it, even more powerful to have children singing the complex words of some of the more emotional songs. A wonderful afternoon, thanks again for all the hard work Mrs Parr and team😊

  3. It was FANTASTIC so many children performing solos or small groups in front of such a large audience! The percussionists were brilliant.
    An enjoyable afternoon of complex African songs. a pleasure to be there to share it! Well done to all of the children, Mrs Parr, Mr Barlow and Miss Atkins.

  4. An amazing concert! I thoroughly enjoyed it and was so impressed with everyone's brilliant performance. A huge well done to all the children that took part and to Mrs Parr, Miss Atkins and Mr Barlow.

  5. It was a truly inspiring and emotional day! The children were incredible; I think I only realised quite how much they had learnt when we ran it for the first time in the rehersal! How lucky we to have adults who challenge and expect to much, and children who rise to meet those expectations every time. Thank you to everyone involved