Tuesday, 10 January 2017

LKS2 Science

34  PA Skeleton quiz   10.1.17

1.       How many bones do you have in each hand?

2.       How many bones are in each foot?

3.       How many bones does the human skeleton have?

4.       What are the functions of the skeleton?

5.       What does the skull protect?

6.       Are your bones alive?

7.       Where are the smallest bones in your body?

8.       What does the rib cage protect?

9.       What joins a muscle to a bone?
Answers below

In Science, LKS2 are learning about the skeleton. We drew what we knew on large body cut outs, explored what it might be like if we had no skeletons, had amazing discussions about bones, cartilage and tendons! We also made a quiz - see how you get on!

1.27,  2. 26 , 3.206, 4.support, allow movement, protect and shape, 5. The brain, 6. Yes, 7. Ear, 8.heart and lungs and other soft organs, 9. tendon

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