Thursday, 1 November 2018

Conscience Alley

I walked in to Anaconda's class this morning and happened to see them using drama to help them understand a character more. They have been reading the book Street Child as part of their Victorian's topic. Today they were thinking about what advice they would give the main character Jim about whether he should try to escape from the workhouse or not.
One half of the class were suggesting reasons as to why he should leave and the others why he should stay. They then formed a "Conscience Alley" in the classroom with both viewpoints on different sides. As "Jim" walked though the alleyway, he listened to the children's arguments one at a time and was persuaded to leave at the end!
I was really impressed with the emotional responses that were given showing how well the children understand the book and can't wait to see how these develop further in their writing this term.

Mrs Lee

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