Friday, 12 July 2019

HAL Week Day 5 - Martial Arts, Archery and Smoothies

Our final day of HAL week brought us more Martial Arts, Archery workshops for FS and KS1 and Smoothie making for Year 3/4.

The Martial Arts workshop has proven popular this week with key messages about keeping yourself safe if you are out and about alone. The children discussed what to do if a stranger approached them and how they could use specific Martial Arts moves to keep themselves safe if they did find themselves in an uncomfortable situation. 

The younger children had fun learning how to do Archery. It is a tricky skill but was very fun to learn! More from this later on the blog!

The children in Year 3/4 did some healthy food tasking and tried new fruit and vegetables. They also got to make their own healthy smoothies to have for snack time. A big 'Thank You!' goes to Mrs Nathanielsz for running this. 

Overall, it has been a busy but exciting HAL week. The children have had many opportunities to engage in different types of physical activity and sport. We hope that our workshops will inspire the children to try new activities, take up a new sport and lead healthy, safe and active lifestyles.

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