Tuesday, 9 February 2016

School Council final day (& pancake race!!)

Today was our last school council meeting before we hold new elections after half term.

This year we have been making the school a better place by making a few changes to the school behaviour policy. A strong point to our actions was to make sure we don't get bullying at Cholsey Primary School.One thing we did was put up posters around school to show the effect,how to spot it,and,most importantly,how to stop it.

To help behaviour at lunchtime we introduced Lunchtime Buddies. These are year 5 & 6 children who patrol the playgrounds and help sort out any issues and help children make friends. 

Other things we have done this year include questionnaires in class to see how comfortable children are at taking risks and not being afraid to make mistakes. Most children at Cholsey were comfortable with taking on a challenge, which was good. To help the others some school councilors did a little role-play in assembly.

For any children who have personal worries we have suggested using a "Worry Box" in classes. This helps children to share any concerns with their teacher anonymously if they want.

As today was Pancake Day, we went to the Forty to have a pancake race vs the Tree house School. It was great fun. There were different age categories like pre-school, KS1 and KS2. You had to run a lap around the Forty with a frying pan and a pancake. They made us flip the pancake 5 times at least. We had a great time.

Good luck to the new school council !
Posted by Poppy, Thea and Oliver.

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