Thursday, 10 March 2016

Exploring Anglo-Saxon Wallingford

On Monday, the year 5 &6's stepped back in time when they visited Wallingford to explore evidence of Anglo-Saxon times. We have been finding out lots about what life would have been like during this period. By walking around the town, the children were able to see traces of Anglo-Saxons, for example the remains of the ramparts around the Kinecroft (which offered protection against the many invaders who threatened the towns people) There were many other sites that traced back to ancient times. A big thank you to Judy Dewey and her team of volunteers who also showed the children evidence within Wallingford museum. Their historical knowledge was outstanding.

St Leonard's Church

The ditch

The ditch

Late Saxon herringbone stone work

The Kinecroft

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  1. Lovely joining this trip on such a beautiful day. Children were privileged to have great teachers with a good knowledge and a keen interest of the local history. Wallingford was such a key historical place, I loved learning more about out local town too.