Monday, 21 March 2016

Science Day

Science day was a super success across the school! In key stage 1 the children looked at the work of Mary Anning and went fossil hunting, discovered how fossils are made and created the most amazing dinosaurs! The children investigated rocks and fossils, sorting and classifying them into different groups. They also chipped away at large rocks of ice to reveal the dinosaurs hidden underneath. Some children went digging in the mud area to hunt for their own fossils while others made imprints in the sandpit, hoping they will one day be discovered! The children have gone on to produce fabulous pieces of writing about Mary Anning's life and are learning a poem about the King of all the Dinosaurs, Tyrannosaurus Rex!

For science day, Elephant class was transformed into NASA (New Astronaut Space Academy). The trainee space astronauts had to test their physical fitness for space travel by taking their pulse rate before and after exercise and then plotted a graph showing the rate their pulse returned to normal. They explored "moon rocks", taking careful observations noting down what happened when vinegar was poured on them. Finally in the morning, the trainee astronauts observed chemical reactions when an acid  / alkali was added to space (household) products. We culminated the afternoon by building space rockets, launching them and adapting their flight mechanisms to see how much further they could fly. 
We overran science day by actually launching into space the next day and making careful observations from a virtual tour of our solar system.
One child said it was "awesome".

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