Tuesday, 17 May 2016

School Council Plea to parents - behaviour before and after school!

In school council this morning, we reviewed something that the whole school has identified as a problem....this is the behaviour of some children before and after school starts when in the care of their parents.

We know that when we are in school children behave really well, but unfortunately it has come to our attention that behaviour slips when being picked up or dropped off.

The Councillors made a list of all the things that should and should not happen during this time and they have made some signs to go up in the outdoor spaces to remind parents.

Please could you all help us with this?

Thank you
from school council

Here is what we want to change:

Please don't let any of your children climb over the fence that goes onto the nature area. This area is out of bounds before and after school.

Please make sure that your children do not go in between or behind the PE cupboard or shed.

Please don't let any of your children climb on top of the table tennis table.
The adventure playground is also out of bounds before and after school.

The outdoor classroom is also out of bounds before and after school.

So is the play house.


  • Please don't play football on the playground before and after school - there are lots of small children who could be hurt.
  • Please DO NOT ride bikes and scooters in the playground.
  • Please don't let your children play with the investigation toys outside KS1 - these have been carefully set up by the teachers ready for the school day
  • Keep an eye on all your children at all times.

Thank you!

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  1. They are a great bunch... but hopeless at trying to look sad for the photo!