Thursday, 22 March 2018

‘Flying High’ at RAF Benson

Year 6 have had an interesting day at Benson Airbase where they have taken part in various activities including: a maths challenge to work out how to get teachers and books to flooded villages; climbing aboard a Puma helicopter; looking inside a Chinook; weather-related work with the Met Office; exploring survival equipment; a PT session with an obstacle course and a healthy eating discussion; and looking at food ration packs for those out on exercise.
“I was fascinated to discover how much weight the chinook could lift!” - Maggie.
“I enjoyed the PT session and I learned that the intestines are 6 metres long!” – Luka.
“I loved moving the pulleys in DT!” – Imogen.
“Twenty people could in the 10 man survival dinghy and still have room!” – Megan.
Email from Flight Sergeant Cassidy: “May I start by thanking the staff and students of Cholsey Primary School for making your visit to RAF Benson earlier today such a pleasure to be involved in, the good behaviour and engaged attitude of your pupils are a credit to the school.”
Well done, Year 6!

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  1. Toby had such a great time at RAF Benson - thank you for organising and inspiring our children to dream of their future.