Monday, 13 May 2019

RAF Benson visit

On Tuesday 7th May, Year 5 had a visit from RAF Benson’s Squadron Leader Andy Bucknell and Pilot Paul Hutton.
They taught us about the different types of helicopters and jets, what happens in the RAF base and some of the jobs undertaken.
We also learnt about the following types of aircraft:
·         Chinook;
·         Puma;
·         Merlin;
·         Sea King;
·         Typhoon;
·         Stealth Fighter;
·         Hercules.
·         Pilot;
·         Navigator;
·         Aircrew;
·         Engineer;
·         Chef;
·         Driver;
·         Fireman;
·         Air traffic control;
·         And many more…
We also did a fun mathematical task. We had a map of Bensonia (a made up island) with a list of challenges similar to those faced the RAF on a day-to-day basis. For example:
·         Go to the power station and back with 2300kg of coal;
·         Have a maximum amount of weight including fuel of 2500kg;
·         Go to Alpha and back with 9 passengers;
·         Go to the lighthouse and back; and more. 
They showed us their special jackets. They have pockets for carrying water and food and a cord attached to the bottom of the jacket to attach them to the aircraft in case of emergency.  Finally, around the neck is a self-inflatable life jacket that blows up if you land in water.

Finally, they showed us a map of RAF Benson and highlighted where everything is situated on the base (they even have shops and a gymnasium!)
We are looking forward to our visit there when we are in Year 6.  Thank you RAF Benson!

Written by Sacha & Douggie (Yr5)

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