Monday, 20 May 2019

Year 6 Writing Club

Earlier this year some pupils in Year 6 attended my writing club. One of the pieces of writing they did was based around a short film clip entitled  Something Fishy.

You can watch the animation here and then enjoy reading their brilliant stories below. More to be added once typed up!

Watch the animation: Something Fishy

Something fishy
By Kitty

I was so bored and was about to fall asleep. I looked towards the ticking clock on the battered  wall. As I started to drift off, a beam of blue hit me; it was so bright. End of school disco bright. I was captivated with the spotlight that hit me! All I could think of doing was opening the door; it felt like a dream.

 Cautiously, I plunged my head into the machine- it was cold but not freezing- it was how I wanted it to be. All I could see was an array of fish, fish that looked strangely similar to socks. It was just like the dream that had engulfed  me that night.Soon after I heard a deep groan.

 It took me a minute to process what I had just seen. In the distance, a blue figure- that reminded me of my brand new jeans- was fast approaching. Frantically, I shot my head towards the moon-shaped door before I could even get a chance to have a proper look at it. I felt a burst of energy rushing inside of me. I could see the way out I was nearly there!

Before I had a chance to think, I had made it as I fell out I the dark figure followed me. It horrified me. Curiously, I looked at it for a while trying to calm myself down. I didn’t want to touch it. What if it hurt me? I felt brave though I was going to be fine.

I felt the dark figure (or at that point I had realised they were just jeans) but before I could properly touch them. Just then, I heard a deep voice coming from behind me.
“I think you’ll find they’re mine.”
Turning around, I saw my biggest fear. A SHARK! Scared, embarrassed, confused I turned around quickly to block the sight.

Something Fishy!  By Naomi
Lola was slouched in the launderette tapping her foot in boredom. She had waited for what felt like hours; the book was getting boring.

As she started to drift off , a beam of light projected on to her! Lola was transfixed; it was coming from the washing machine. What could it be? She thought.

She made her way towards it , feeling like it was a magnet pulling her in to her imagination. Lola felt the luminous liquid on her baby soft hands. Attempting hold her breath, she put her head in and discovered there was no need to worry.

Pushing herself off the wall, she plunged in to this fantasy world. When she pulled her head round, to her amazement she saw a glowing yellow fish (which looked like a sock.)Lola grabbed it but it wriggled free of her grip. As she swam further, schools of every colour came past her glowing eyes. When Lola took notice of where she was going, she saw a beautiful forest of trees but they weren’t any old trees they were coin trees .“They are the coins you give for your washing,” she thought to herself.

Relaxed she turned back to go to the unique launderette but instead of seeing the schools colourful fish she saw huge, gleaming, white fangs facing her. Lola took a small intake of breath and clapped her hands to her face. Luckily she was a very good swimmer because Lola swam as fast as lightning.             But the faster she swam the faster the blue beast came towards her. Lola rushed through the coin woods and through the now frightened schools of fish. The glowing light of the washing machine was as bright as the moon.

Lola leaped out on to the smooth, cold , bare  launderette floor in a heap. She held out her shaking dry has to touch whatever it was, Lola’s heart was beating so fast she felt like it was going to jump out of her chest. Fortunately the monster was just her new jeans! There was no need to worry. But that was quite an adventure and she wouldn’t do it again!

Something Fishy

Alexa was in a laundrette in the south side of the Conation City. She was so bored her dull magazine was extremely tedious. Alexa thought that she would die of boredom.As she was wishing for her cycle could finish, she looked at the washing machine and something caught her eye.

Feeling curious, Alexa decided to see what it was;she put her head into the machine and was dazzled.Alexa got into the washing machine,to her amazement there were a load of sock fishes,who were swimming round in circles in the washing machine.There were trees of coins,which had been stacked up one on top of another.

Suddenly Alexa turned around to see a shark,horrified she had no idea what to do.Luckily Alexa had done well in swimming  at school,so she swam for her life. Alexa was swimming so fast she could have won a medal.As soon as Alexa slowed down she saw a light;it was the washing machine door.It was like the moon in the sky.

Alexa swam through the door and was now safely in the laundrette.Breathing heavily she slowly turned around to close the door but to her horror the same shark was there ahhh.

By Dylan

Here is a different short story by Bethany:
The Tremendous Tree
By Bethany

Jack and Jess were walking through the woods. Suddenly, they came across a colourful tree. It almost seemed like there was a door hidden inside it. Jess crept up to the door and pushed it open. She shrieked (thinking someone was going to come out) but instead Jack ran in and shouted, “Jess come on it’s amazing out here!” Feeling confused and cautious Jess shuffled inside.
To her surprise Jess found herself on a huge beach and saw an unusual castle perched on the hill. Curious, she explored the beach desperate to find a way up. After a while, Jack found a way up to the castle. They excitedly ran up to the gleaming golden door; they couldn’t believe their eyes it was huge!
Ferociously Jack knocked on the door (so they could hear it). The door opened slowly, thump, thump, thump the earth shook. That’s when they realised they weren’t safe.
An ogre stepped into the doorway and shouted, “Who dares to disturb the king?”
Jack and Jess slowly walked away in fear, not noticing the monkey army behind them. “Arghh,” Jess screamed. They both looked at each other. ”Run!” they shouted.  The monkeys and the king were right behind them! Jack could see the entrance, “Hurry” he said cautiously. Finally they were out and Jess quickly shut the door. “Hurray!” they said.
“Let’s go home Jack,” said Jess.

“Yes let’s go home,” Jack agreed.

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