Friday, 17 January 2020

Amazing Cookery with Roots to Food

Today we welcomed Darren from Roots to Food in to work with children across the school. Years 3-6 had a Ready Steady Cook type experience, as two groups of children (along with Mrs Avery and Mrs Robson) went head to head to produce a healthy balanced meal from ingredients provided by our caterers 'The School Lunch Company'. The audience of children were assigned roles of suggesting ideas for recipes and also judging the dishes by appearance and taste.

It was a phenomenal morning with all children actively involved.
The menus cooked consisted of:

  • Crispy Parmesan and pesto salmon fishcakes with spinach pasta and salsa
  • Coronation chicken curry with Sag Aloo and Pilau rice
The audience voted that the chicken dish visually looked the most appetizing but that the salmon dish tasted the best. 

As well as recipes of the dishes cooked, which we will be distributing to families, so that children can have a go at home, Darren made sure that the children are aware of all the nutritional values and benefits of different food groups. 

The fun continued in the afternoon with children in all classes from FS - Year 2 enjoying fun, fitness and food with Darren, who demonstrated appropriate portion sizes for fruit and stressed the importance of having seven portions of fruit and vegetables a day. Following this, children who were chosen as chefs made banana smoothies for the class.

What a fantastic day!

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  1. Edward really enjoyed this event! Thank you for organising such a varied and excited programme of activities.