Thursday, 30 January 2020

Year 5/6 Pok aTok Drumming

Today, the children in Year 5/6 took part in a drumming workshop with Mr Lombos. The children worked in groups to create rhythmic compositions, which will be played during our Mayan Pok a Tok games. The children started with a simple beat using drums and then used smaller drums and percussion instruments to layer up alternative rhythms on top. Everyone then performed their compositions in a performance. The children even had time to learn about call and response rhythms coming up with a class response to Mr Lombos' Pok a Tok call. 

"My favourite part was getting to use the drums" Rosie, Year 5.

"My favourite part was when everyone came together to perform because it sounded amazing!" Dan, Year 6.

"I enjoyed working in groups to compose our Pok a Tok rhythm" Sacha, Year 6.

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