Monday, 3 February 2020

Take One Picture - Through the Door

The entire school had a very exciting day on Wednesday working on the project 'Take One Picture'. This is a project designed for schools led by the National Gallery in London. Our school had the focus on 'doors' as a starting point to create wonderful pieces of art work. It also turns out that there are 88 doors in our school, including walk in cupboards! 

Foundation Stage drew a vision of what was through a door.

Year 1 have focused on wax resist pictures.

Year 2 designed their own magic doors and where they would lead to.

Years 3/4 created doors from around the world including from Asia, Australia and the future!

Years 5/6 sculptured sections of a Mayan door out of clay.

The children all really enjoyed the activities and have created some beautiful pieces. 

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