Thursday, 31 March 2016

Easter School Day 3

Another lovely morning with the year 6's.

We wonder - could you solve some of the following challenges that they faced? 

Can you add the digits 1-8 to make each side of these 3x3 puzzles add up to the number in the centre?

How about SPaG? Can you find examples of the following in the text below?
Before going to bed, Jamie had finished his homework and was wondering whether or not he could get away with watching TV! Meanwhile his sister (who was a little older) was playing on her computer. Suddenly his thoughts were interrupted by his dad arriving home. He hurried up the stairs, carrying a large brown envelope. Jamie’s dad winked at him – an unusual occurrence – then beckoned him over.

“I’ve got fantastic news!” he whispered……

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  1. What a great bunch they are!
    Enjoy a well deserved break before we start the final countdown.