Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Junior Citizen

Today the Year 6's travelled by train to Oxford to attend the Junior Citizen training at Rewley Road Fire Station.

They all had a fantastic time and here are some of their comments:

Emily:   I learnt how to put someone in the recovery position.

Michael:  I found it fun and very informative.

Adam: I'm glad I now know some life-saving information.

Molly: I learnt a lot about staying safe and also had great fun!

Connor: I found it brilliant but also at times very serious - we all had to make a 999 call!

Fern:  I found that I learnt a lot in an enjoyable way and this will help me in many life-threatening situations.

Jacob:   I'm really glad that I know about how to keep myself safe. Fun, fun, fun!

Albie: I learnt what to do when you meet a stranger (in an enjoyable way)

Beth: I learnt a lot about different ways to keep safe in many different situations.

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