Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Spring Garden Day

Our lovely new giant bug hotel needs filling with cosy things for the bugs to live in.  Help us furnish our hotel (bug style) and decide where we would like it to sit in the garden.  To do this, the following would be helpful 

* Canes 
* Holey bricks
* A hand drill and lumps of wood
* Pieces of bark / leaves
* Plastic tubes 
* Post fix

The other tasks we hope to complete are:-
  • Fix the shed doors
  • Paint the fence
  • Dismantle the greenhouse (wreckage)
  • Design and build a cold frame 
  • Edge the beds with old roof tiles
  • Make some willow bean tee pees
  • Dig the beds ready for seedlings to be planted
  • Make new signs for the garden
  • Take rubbish to the tip
General tools to achieve the above would be useful!
Excellent refreshments will be provided.
There will be fun activities for younger volunteers.

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