Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Young Enterprise

Well done to all the year 6s who have been working so hard over the last few weeks to set up stalls for the school fete as part of our Cholsey Young Enterprise initiative.

The teams were challenged with creating a company name, logo and product for the school fete and competed to make the most overall profit. 5 teams entered: Oddballs, Rainbow Rio, Football Frenzy, The Extraordinary Crew and Get the Rio Look.

They learnt many key skills such as teamwork, communication, budgeting, profit analysis and of course selling. Different tasks were set throughout the run up to the fete and points were awarded after each one. Adding those points to the profit made at the fete gave us the winning team Rainbow Rio - whose stall at the fete, shooting birds, was very popular. Get the Rio Look and Oddballs were close behind, having made high profits at the fete. All teams did really well.

A big thank you to Susie Pocock, one of our parents, who gave up a considerable amount of her time to help with this.

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  1. Our Year 6s are fantastic. They have been enthusiastic, engaged and caring.
    We are going to really miss them next year.