Friday, 10 March 2017

Foundation kick off our Science Week!

Adam Curtis, a food scientist from MMR in Wallingford, visited our Foundation Stage today to help us to explore our senses. We tried some colour blindness tests and talked about how the brain fills in the gaps of information from what we see. We looked at how your nose and mouth work together to detect flavour and taste. We tasted a jelly bean, both whilst holding our nose, and not, to experience the full flavour.  We were very surprised at the difference.

At the tables the children tasted three solutions  - sweet, sour and salty - with varying degrees of accuracy!

They compared two varieties of chocolate, comparing the difference and realising that not everyone thinks the same and that is fine to disagree.

Finally, when the children brush their teeth tonight, they should smell the toothpaste first and then taste it.  Ask them about this experiment!

Thank you to Adam for an excellent morning and to Mrs Avery for organising this great start to Science Week.  Look for our posts all next week and please do add your comments.

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