Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Tuesday morning Science in 3/4

Ian from Science Oxford came to talk to the children in 3/4 about the Science of Magic. It was interesting and lots of fun.

We learnt that magicians fool you by confusing your brain.

We learnt that the old French Franc was magnetic, as it contained nickel.

We learnt that the brain spots patterns very well, but magicians can alter these to trick you.

Often magicians use chemicals to make tricks work e.g. making his own version of "Find the Lady" with water, cups and a special water absorbent gel.

We learnt that a nappy can hold one litre of water as long as you add it gradually.
He told us that, if you have a posh party with special wine glasses, your glass may only be half full although it looks full.

He also explained that salt water is more dense than tap water and that lets you float more easily in the sea, particularly in the Dead Sea which has a lot of salt in it.  The reason why you can't see the salt is that the tiny particles are dissolved in the water. 

He had a tin which rolled up a slope because it had a weight inside it sticky taped to one side. This meant that, when you put the side with the weight in it to the left of the ramp, it would roll up because the weight is heavier than the tin itself.

Marta and Daniel

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