Monday, 13 March 2017

Monday afternoon Science

This afternoon, we had an amazing time learning how to correctly grow crystals. We used lots of scientific words such as dissolving, solution, evaporation and saturated.
Martyn made a very hot and strong salt solution. He kept adding salt until the solution could not dissolve any more. This meant our salt solution was saturated. He poured the solution very carefully into jars and then placed a cocktail stick with string and paperclip  on it. We added a little food colouring and had quite an interesting discussion about what happens when you add red and blue food colouring to water. Try it. We didn't get the results we expected!

The children looked at a variety of crystals using magnifying lenses and learned how cubic shaped salt crystals can make pyramid shaped ones. Ask your child!

We have some crystals starting to grow and hope that by Wednesday when Martyn comes in to talk to us about the different rocks at church, that we will have much larger ones.

Thank you for an excellent session Martyn!

I also asked the children for a few words about how they were enjoying science week so far. Here are a few of them:-

I didn't like it, I loved it!
I love crystals
cooler than an ice pool!   ( I have no idea!)

Gosh! What will they think by the end of the week!

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