Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Buckland House party

Congratulations to everyone in Buckland House who won the house cup. Today they celebrated by having a house party on the field with lots of treats...fortunately there was some shade!

Healthy Drinks!!

Year 5/6 have been shocked this week to discover the amount of sugar in popular drinks.

The recommended DAILY sugar intake for children is as follows:

4-6 years: 5 sugar cubes or 19 grams
7-10 years: 6 sugar cubes or 24 grams
11 years and over: 7 sugar cubes or 30 grams

We discovered that some of the drinks we enjoy have twice that amount in them:

We noticed that on many drink labels it doesn't reveal the true picture and only states what sugar is in half the bottle. Here is an example:

27g per 250ml but the bottle is 500 ml so there is 54g (nearly twice the recommended daily allowance of sugar)

So the message from Year 5/6 is - Think before you drink!

Have a healthy summer holidays - drink lots of water.

Monday, 18 July 2016

House Cup Winners

Congratulations to Buckland who have won the House Cup this year.  They will have their celebratory House Party tomorrow afternoon.

Sandfield were this term's winners and had their extra playtime this afternoon.

Thank you to all 16 House Captains who have done a magnificent job this year.

Musicians' Picnic

About sixty musicians from the school bands and choir enjoyed a picnic in a very sunny Cholsey Park as a thank you for all the hard work and effort they have all made during the course of the year.

Thank you to Mrs Thomasson for providing jellies and delicious chocolate brownies and to Miss Atkins for supplying a cake decorated with an edible photo of our band!

WI Eco Cup

Mrs Morgan presented the WI cup for school environmental projects this year to the Bug Hotel team.

Fern collected the cup on behalf of all the children involved.

Anna, our gardener, also presented Fern and Evie with gifts as a thank you for being particularly committed to the garden this year.

Ice Cream Day

Children and staff enjoyed an ice cream in the sunshine today whilst the older children organised an impromptu game with some of the youngest children.
Summer is here at last!

Channel Swim

Mrs Norman's children have been following the progress of her friend who is swimming the Channel today.  They have been fascinated by tracking her on the Channel Swim website.


Her support boat is Sea Satin.

Friday, 15 July 2016

Foundation Stage Healthy Active Lifestyles

As part of HAL week, Foundation Stage children have been taking part in some exciting activities:

Ultimate Frisbee

Outdoor dance with Miss Hague

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Road to Rio

On Wednesday, the children in KS2 took part in an Olympics themed dance festival. Each class chose a country and we started the day with an opening ceremony. During this ceremony, the children found out key facts about the countries they had chosen. Throughout the morning, the classes took part in a dance workshop. They rehearsed a routine based on the traditional dance from their chosen country. Before home time, we gathered in the hall for the closing ceremony where each class performed their routine. It was fantastic to see such a variety of dance and movement from each class.