Friday, 18 December 2020

Emmet Update

Emmet, our Educational Assistance Dog in training has been working very hard on his training this term and is making great progress.

He is learning to refine some tricks with one of the children taking over the lead with the training and another child is helping him in his quest to respond to children reading to him, which is going really well. We are being supported by a local trainer as well. 

Emmet has also been going on walks with small groups of children every week, which everyone involved has enjoyed immensely. Today he went around the classes to say Merry Christmas and to show off some tricks. 

The War of the Worlds - Year/6

In Year 5/6 we have been studying the War of the Worlds, while the teachers have had their planning time. Mrs McSweeney & I have been so amazed by their poems and sketches!

Here is a small selection!

Preparing for Christmas Lunch - Pine Martins


Pine Martins get Christmassy

 Here are some pictures of the Pine Martins and the Christmas Creations:

Thursday, 17 December 2020

Year 3/4 Tapestry

 Over the last two weeks, the three Year 3/4 classes have been very busy sewing a class tapestry. 

Their collaborative piece has been inspired by The Bayeux Tapestry that we have been looking at to finish our topic on the Anglo-Saxons. 

Each class came up with the overall design and then individually sewed their own contribution using cross stitch. We are so impressed with their finished products.

Here are the Honeybees:

And the Turtles:

And finally Giraffes: