Friday, 28 April 2017

Story Sacks

Year 3/4 Blossom Bats teaching the Penguins how to use our story sacks, which were very kindly updated by the parents from Penguin class.

Roman Villa in Cholsey

Today children from years 5 and 6 went to see what archaeologists have dug up from the Roman and Iron age times in Celsea place. The archaeologists found a Roman villa. There was half of a dead horse in a ditch which was cut in half and probably from the iron age. There were a couple of bottom jaws from cows and horses as well as lots of pottery. We also saw a silver coin which had the same printing on both sides. Most children enjoyed the corn warmer which had lots of burnt and black ground - the shape of it looked like a pair of legs! They had also found a skeleton of a human and a well that was very deep. There were lots of bones and keys.

The size of the corn dryer  probably meant it was a wealthy villa.The owners were said to have owned lots of the land that could be seen.This land meant that the slaves would have lots of room to work there.When the Roman empire withdrew from Britain the owners left with the slaves and this meant that no one lived in the villa any more so when the archaeologists dug it up there was no more modern building work.  

corn dryer 

animal bones

Matthew, Megan, Jack and Zoe
Edited by George

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

3/4 Science - plants

This term Years 3/4 are studying plants and what they need to grow. Here are some of the children preparing their investigations. Will the plants survive without light or water or soil? Watch this space and see!

Science Club

We had our first science club sessions on Monday. KS1 looked at potential energy and made cars. KS2 looked at how a forensic scientist uses science in his job. They analysed shoe prints, facial disguises, DNA and finger prints. They even managed to crack the fiendish code to identify the criminal. 
The children really enjoyed themselves. I wonder what they will do next time!

Key Stage 1 Easter Challenge

Well done to all the children who have been rising to the challenges set in KS1.
Here is one great example of learning at home:

I thoroughly enjoyed playing the game this morning with the creator.

And here are some children sharing their games with their friends:

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Great Year 6 teamwork at Easter School

There was a good turnout at Easter School this year with the Year 6s and staff coming along to do some last minute revision activities - there are only 9 school days to SATs when we get back after the break.

We all enjoyed Mrs Mills' Maths Easter Egg Hunt and also settled down to some shared past questions and last minute tips from Mr Hallion, Mrs Lee and Mrs Bullen.

The weather was lovely - and it is always nice to have the whole school and field to yourselves!