Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Meet the Stinkers Production

This week the Year 5/6 children were visited by the Stinkers! The production aimed to help the children understand the physical and mental effects of smoking. The children were amazed to find out that there are around 4,000 toxins in one cigarette, and that 60 of these can cause cancer and other life threatening illnesses. The Stinkers discussed peer pressure and how the children can make the right decisions in their youth, in order for them to lead better lives in the future.

Monday, 29 October 2018

DHK Training

Last week, Emmet completed his first training day at DHK Headquarters in North Devon. He was an absolute star and we both learnt a lot. Many new things to be practised before our next training day in the new year. Further details of our training day can be found on the Dogs Helping Kids Facebook page.

Friday, 19 October 2018


The children in KS1 have been making Hogitats (Hedgehog Houses) for their area. Here are some pictures - they are well camouflaged! The children may want to make some for their gardens over the holiday. 

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Black History Month

Here are the year 5s learning about the amazing art of the Ndebele tribe as part of Black History month. Not only have the children created symmetrical and beautiful pictures, all of their straight lines have been drawn freehand just like the Ndbele! Hope you enjoy them!

Friday, 12 October 2018

Year 5&6 Science

In Science, this week, Year 5/6 have been looking at the life cycles of plants. They discovered just how bees cross pollinate flowers and thoroughly enjoyed exploring and dissecting lilies!

LKS2 Chocolate Exhibition

We are so impressed with the quality of the work that the children produced for our first exhibition!

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Wallingford PE Morning

The Year 6 children had a blast at the Wallingford Secondary School PE morning! 

The aims of the day were for the children to have fun, learn or improve and understand the teaching, learning and behaviour expectations in Physical Education at secondary school. 

It was also a chance for the pupils to engage with their possible future teachers, as well as an excellent opportunity for them to get an insight into what the structure of a secondary school is like. The children enjoyed using the facilities of the school; taking part in a variety of indoor and outdoor activities including trampolining, rock climbing and dance.

Mr Holden

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Craft Club

Today at Craft Club we thought about the seaside and holidays, while we made our version of ‘coloured sands’. We used salt because we live too far from the sea to collect sand!

It's all about the chocolate!

On Tuesday, Year 3/4 had a fantastic day packed full of Design and Technology! In keeping with our topic theme 'Chocolate', the children completed some market research to find out which chocolate is the most popular. Using the information gathered, they then designed their very own chocolate bar and wrapper for Mr Wonka. They used their mathematical knowledge to create tally charts and build nets to make a 3D wrapper design. Following this, they then presented their new chocolate bar and wrapper design to the rest of their class. Their next step will be to produce a short television advert promoting their new product. Having seen some of the designs, I am sure the adverts will be mouth-wateringly brilliant...

New Equipment

Thanks to all your fundraising efforts last year, we have now received lots of new PE and playground equipment! The children have loved playing with the new playground equipment this week and the Sports Leaders have done fantastic job at organising the new PE equipment. All of this equipment will help to ensure that our children have healthy and active break times as well as ensure that high quality PE lessons can be delivered by our staff and coaches. 

Some of the items we have received are: playground balls, footballs, netballs, ankle skippers, mini lacrosse sets, rounders equipment, fitness dice, space hoppers, a crazy catch and new tennis equipment. 

Once again, a big 'Thank You!' to everyone who helped support our PE fundraiser last year.