Friday, 25 September 2020

Golden Mile Sports Stars

In Nightingales, a group of Golden Runners have achieved over 100 laps (5/6 laps a day) on the golden mile! (4 laps round the field = 1 mile).

This is an amazing achievement  - well done to Albie, Thomas, Toby and James :)

Year 6 Pupil Leadership Team

Our Year 6's play a very important role in our Pupil Leadership Team. Today we interviewed candidates for the roles of House Captains and CARE Ambassadors. We gave them the challenge of coming up with ideas for House Events and also ways in which to promote our CARE values with the COVID restrictions in mind. 

We were so impressed with their ideas and discussions - they showed us how very capable they were at working in a team and being respectful of each other. It was almost impossible to choose between them! 
We thought carefully about the two different roles and believe we have appointed the best teams for the job.

Watch this space for our first pupil events :)

Thursday, 17 September 2020

Music Garden

 Isn't it lovely to see year 6s enjoying the musical garden? They made beautiful rhythms and music!

Mrs Avery

The Art of being Brilliant - Session 1

Most of the classes have now taken part in their first session with the Art of Brilliance on how to flourish and be the best you can be. 

Lots of participation was taking place in the classrooms. 

Staff have had two sessions so far and it's given us lots of food for thought. 

Friday, 4 September 2020