Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Going for Gold

We are very excited to be continuing our work with the Art of Brilliance and children across the school are still benefiting from workshops aimed at building resilience and self belief. We have already earned ourselves the status of being an "Outstandingly Happy School" by taking part in this programme.

In addition, we have signed up to working towards Brilliant School’ certification. This involves practically implementing a plan to spread the positive ripple-effect across the wider school community by completing a series of tasks and activities that could earn us bronze, silver or gold status. 

Our CARE Ambassadors have launched this by asking the children to complete a photo collage that sets out how they would like their life to be positive. We are looking forward to seeing pictures of all the exciting things the children would like to do/see/become.

Throughout the year teachers will set further tasks that will count towards our going for gold status so watch this space! 

Wednesday, 27 January 2021

Bella and Charlotte have started their own baking business during their spare time! They have put together a presentation of things they need to do, created a logo and have started to think about the maths involved with making a profit! What a fabulous idea - well done!