Thursday, 30 January 2020

Year 5/6 Pok aTok Drumming

Today, the children in Year 5/6 took part in a drumming workshop with Mr Lombos. The children worked in groups to create rhythmic compositions, which will be played during our Mayan Pok a Tok games. The children started with a simple beat using drums and then used smaller drums and percussion instruments to layer up alternative rhythms on top. Everyone then performed their compositions in a performance. The children even had time to learn about call and response rhythms coming up with a class response to Mr Lombos' Pok a Tok call. 

"My favourite part was getting to use the drums" Rosie, Year 5.

"My favourite part was when everyone came together to perform because it sounded amazing!" Dan, Year 6.

"I enjoyed working in groups to compose our Pok a Tok rhythm" Sacha, Year 6.

Year 5/6 Pok a Tok drumming performance

Thursday, 23 January 2020

Year 1 performances inspired by the pantomime

Lots of the year 1 children have been enjoying creating their own Peter Pan play this week following the pantomime on Monday. They worked together to build a stage outside and have been very busy putting costumes together and even making tickets!

KS1 Art Club

KS1 art club have been busy in their first two weeks creating beautiful 'winter sky' paintings.
The children mixed the paint colours for the background and then used chalk, paint dotting and black paper to add in detail. 

Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Phonics Tea Party

Thank you to all the parents who came along to our phonics tea party in the hall. The children really enjoyed showing you what they are learning.

Friday, 17 January 2020

Bottle Tops News

A big thank you to everyone who brought bottle tops into school last term. We have started to make a good amount of progress on the mural and are optimistic that this will be finished by the Easter holidays! We would appreciate a few more yellow bottle tops if possible. Here are some photos to show the work in progress!

Amazing Cookery with Roots to Food

Today we welcomed Darren from Roots to Food in to work with children across the school. Years 3-6 had a Ready Steady Cook type experience, as two groups of children (along with Mrs Avery and Mrs Robson) went head to head to produce a healthy balanced meal from ingredients provided by our caterers 'The School Lunch Company'. The audience of children were assigned roles of suggesting ideas for recipes and also judging the dishes by appearance and taste.

It was a phenomenal morning with all children actively involved.
The menus cooked consisted of:

  • Crispy Parmesan and pesto salmon fishcakes with spinach pasta and salsa
  • Coronation chicken curry with Sag Aloo and Pilau rice
The audience voted that the chicken dish visually looked the most appetizing but that the salmon dish tasted the best. 

As well as recipes of the dishes cooked, which we will be distributing to families, so that children can have a go at home, Darren made sure that the children are aware of all the nutritional values and benefits of different food groups. 

The fun continued in the afternoon with children in all classes from FS - Year 2 enjoying fun, fitness and food with Darren, who demonstrated appropriate portion sizes for fruit and stressed the importance of having seven portions of fruit and vegetables a day. Following this, children who were chosen as chefs made banana smoothies for the class.

What a fantastic day!

Thursday, 16 January 2020

Year 2 Parent Explorer

Year 2s were treated to a visit from Idalina's mum who talked about an expedition she has made to Greenland.
The children had prepared questions in advance and were delighted to try some of the clothing and equipment that she had used. She has left some of the food for the children to try - watch this space for their reaction next week.

Foundation Stage are very excited to be having a visit too!