Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Emmet update

Emmet has been settling in really well to life behind the scenes at school and in particular, enjoys lots of visits from staff and frequent visits to the park, which some of the staff are enjoying too! It has been wonderful to meet lots of families and other dogs when out and about and I have been really impressed that the children have all remembered from our assembly, how to approach a dog (and their owner) safely, if they want to stroke Emmet.

We have started our basic training, which includes ignoring any jumping up. Thank you to everyone who has helped with that one! Currently we are working on a hand touch (nose pressure against an open hand - particularly useful for assistance dogs),  sit, walk to heel, recall and settle, which will hopefully eventually result in Emmet settling on a particular blanket, whenever it is put down for him. We still have a long way to go, but are looking forward to our full day training at DHK HQ in October Half Term with the specialist trainer there.

We have also been completing a lot of socialisation, which has ranged from meeting dogs of varying ages and sizes to walking around busy town centres to get used to lots of people and noises. The children are being shown lots of videos of his progress in assembly.

Morning Yoga

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