Thursday, 14 March 2019

Crime Scene Investigation

Crime scene investigation:
Last week, the Year 5/6 children were lucky enough to have a visit from Science Oxford. We had to solve the mystery of Mrs Avery’s missing kitten; the only clue was that the thief had left a pile of white powder. Also, there were five suspicious people hanging around the room where the cat was last seen. The suspects are: 
•       Polly - who works in a sweet shop [citric acid]; 
•       Howard – who owns a mill [cornflour]; 
•       Anne -who works in a crisp factory [salt];
•       Nadella  - Who works at a vineyard [cream of tartare];
•       Raoul – from the Bake Off [bicarbonate of soda].
We had to do various tests on each of the powders to identify which powder matched the mystery powder left at the crime scene. The results of this would help to identify the prime suspect in the case. We did the following tests:
1.What does it feel and look like?
2. What happens when you add a few drops of vinegar?
3. What happens when you add water? Does it dissolve?
4. What colour does the indicator paper go?
5. Add a few drops of iodine solution; what happens?
These questions helped us to figure out that the salt was the substance left behind by Anne who worked at the crisp factory. She is our prime suspect in the case of the missing kitten!
By Eva in Year 6

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