Wednesday, 24 March 2021

Science Competition Winners!

Here is some exciting news from Year 2, regarding the Oxford Brookes University Science Bazaar Competition. Swallowgales (Yr2 lockdown bubble) have won a virtual tour of Brookes Science labs and certificates to put in the classroom

Martha, in Year 2,  also won a separate prize for her work at home. 

Here she is explaining what she has included in her model of our solar system. She spent many weeks investigating at home developing her model and sharing her project ideas in our home learning meetings. She contributed her knowledge and interest, inspiring others to also investigate planets, as well as listening to others thoughtfully. We are very proud of her achievement and thrilled Martha has won a virtual tour of one of the science labs which she is delighted about.

This is Jupiter! Why does it spin the fastest out of the planets, and not the slowest?

And, did you know a day on Jupiter is TEN HOURS!

This is Uranus! Why does it spin on a different axis to all the other planets?


Here is a link to a video of Martha explaining her work.

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  1. Love it Martha very clear and well presented. What a fantastic effort!
    Well done!