Monday, 3 July 2017

Extreme Mountain Bike Show

To kick start our Healthy Active Lifestyles week, we had a visit from some professional Mountain Bikers. I think it is safe to say it has inspired many of the children to get back on their bikes! As well as demonstrating some excellent skills, they also had some important messages for the children about bike safety and the importance of perseverance.

Danny and Rob, professional bikers, performed in an extreme mountain biking show for us in the playground.  They told us the importance of having balance on your bike and showed us various acrobatic stunts e.g. 360 degree turn, endo, wheelie, bunny hops etc.  Danny performed some breath-taking tricks on balancing bars and steps. Using the bike, Danny jumped over a bar in a high jump-style stick.  We were in awe! They allowed us time at the end for a question and answer session. Lots of us were inspired to start practising some basic balance tricks on our bike at home. The most important thing Danny and Rob taught us was to ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET!
Year 5/6

Mrs Potter was feeling very brave!


  1. Jamie is still talking about this he enjoyed it so much. Well done everyone x