Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Armed Forces Activity Day

The Year 5 children spent a day exploring the work of the British Army in an action-packed Activity Day led by Mr Barlow and Miss Atkins. This involved classroom activities exploring the varied roles within the army and the values the Army promotes using discussion and drama. 

The children wrote their own bugle calls and took great delight in challenging Mr Barlow and Miss Atkins with the difficulty and complexity of their compositions. The winning call is to be played 'when a bus crashes into Big Ben'. Let us hope it is never needed!

In the afternoon, we used the nature reserve to practise our hide and seek skills and to build an Army-style shelter. Our attempts at drill proved that Year 5 still need to practise their left and right!

It was a great day and the children responded with enormous enthusiasm. A huge thank you to Mr Barlow for suggesting, planning and delivering this magnificent experience.


  1. I know my right from my left very well thank you!!!

  2. GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!