Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Singing Stars!

We are so proud of our year 5's who have been regularly visiting the Day Centre next door to visit the older residents. Today they gave an impromptu performance of some of the WW2 songs they had learnt last term.

Mrs Allum, who has been taking them said, "It has been lovely to see them interact with the older members of the village. They chat and play games and today was just lovely! They were asked if they could sing and they were all happy to do so. It was a heart-warming experience!"

Here is what the group said:
Frankie : It felt really nice because everyone was singing along and having a good time.
Ky: I really liked it when the elderly people were singing along.
Logan: I was really happy because it made my day!
David: The game made my day.
Rebecca: It was a pleasure to sing and lovely to see them join in.
Bella: I really enjoyed it and I hope the members did too.
Phoebe: We sang Good Byeee, Keep the Home Fires Burning and We'll Meet Again.

What a fabulous lot they are!

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  1. We were all so proud of you! Such a great sound from so few - and unaccompanied as well. Well done to Rebecca for announcing the songs in such a clear and confident voice too.