Monday, 1 June 2015

It's a close race!

In term 4 we launched a new House System at school. Everyone was put into one of 4 houses: Sandfield, Buckland, Iddmead or Pudmore. The house names came from the names of ancient fields around Cholsey.

Children are awarded House Points in school for good work and behaviour. These points are counted up each week and the house winners are announced in assembly.

So far every house has won at least once. In term 4 Buckland House won the most points overall and all the house members got some extra play as a treat. Last term it was Sandfield who got the most points and they will be having their extra play this week.

Only Mrs Lee knows who is winning overall this year. It might not be one of the termly winners! The house that gets the most points overall will have a house party at the end of this term.

There will be lots of points up for grabs this term as we compete as houses in our sports day. We will also be visiting Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford in our houses later this term.

Sandfield House - Yellow

Buckland House - Blue

Iddmead House - Green

Pudmore House - Orange